This subject is pretty important. With the advent of mobile web devises it’s never been more critical that designers pay attention to how their website looks in different medias. A website might look amazing in firefox on a laptop monitor but it might fall apart in Internet Explorer on somebodies old xp desktop computer. A designer needs to pay careful attention to how his website will react in almost every environment.

Responsive web design can anticipate these size discrepancies, and depending on the size of the media, restructure the appearance of the website with special css commands that adjusts it’s layout to better suite your device. Sometimes a restaurant will want to emphasize a special deal they are having. Or maybe they’ll want relevant information like a phone number to appear in a big bold font when searching on a mobile device. This can have an astronomical effect on the usefulness of the website and can pay for itself by bringing more business to a business.

To compete in today’s economy it’s absolutely essential that a website cater to as many of those mobile customers as possible. The future of the web is in the palm of your hand, literally. Mobile devices in conjunction with tablet devices are redefining the way we see the web.