Straw Man has been an ongoing project since 2002 and will be finished whenever the series reaches it’s 12th issue. Or whenever David falls over dead or if the book is successful and there’s a demand for a sequel. Straw Man is a superhero with no superpowers but he thinks he does so that at least puts him in the same league as Batman (but of course Batman has years of training and Straw Man doesn’t). Straw Man was inspired by the logic fallacy “Straw Man” but David would be actually hard pressed to point out an actual straw man fallacy should it occur.

David Branstetter’s day job consists of graphic design and website work for Dim-Light Graphics.  It is his goal to create a sustainable business as a graphic designer and illustrator (i.e. he takes commissions). David currently resides in Evansville, Indiana with his wife Larissa, daughter Ava, and two year old trouble maker, Walt.