David Branstetter’s day job consists of graphic design and website work for Dim-Light Graphics, but it is his goal to finish the 12 part Straw Man series and to create a sustainable business as a graphic designer. David currently resides in Evansville, Indiana with his wife Larissa and daughter Ava.

David was deeply affected by the independent spirit that lead to the formation of Image comics in the early 90’s. “I was constantly drawing my own characters that were just knock offs of Marvel or Dc characters.” But it wasn’t until he met Sky Ape artist Richard Jenkins that he actually decided to do an all new and original character. He wanted to create a new kind of character, a character that wasn’t an alien from another planet or created by a freak accident. In June of 2004 David released Straw Man #1, inspired by the logic fallacy of the same name. David has since released 9 more issues of Straw Man, A color special, two 24 hour comics, and several short stories.