A 19 part dialogue between Straw Man creator David Branstetter and the legendary creator of Cerebus, Dave Sim.

The Announcement
Part 1 – Small Press question
Part 2 – Straw Man extra pages/ Goal Distractions
Part 3 – More Straw Man changes/ Small press club
Part 4 – Just 12 issues? / The Heart of Cerebus
Part 5 – Favorite Gags / Sabbath Questions
Part 6 – My Religious Observance / Steve Ditko-beliefs in writing
Part 7 – How Would I approach Straw Man differently / Advice from the Masters
Part 8 – Growing up in the 90’s/ Sound as Visual element
Part 9 – Erik Larsen’s effect on me/ 24 hour comic
Part 10 – Constructing issue 10 /Interacting with Dave Sim
Spawn Parody
Part 11 – Rob Liefeld hatred/ Publishing outside of Cerebus
Part 12 – My wife’s comic book habits/ LSD and Cerebus
Part 13 – Top 5 changes to Straw Man/ Design in Cerebus
Part 14 – Exhibition Tips/ Bags of Leaves story
Part 15 – Superheroes in a non-superhero world/ Jack Kirby Ruling
Part 16 – The Image Split (good or bad)/ When Cerebus “clicked” – Ave/Avid
Part 17 – Small Press shows (good or bad?)/ Is this the best Dave Sim?
Part 18 – Zesto’s Ad/ The Ultimate Fan
Part 19- Rebuttal

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In 1995, The Comics Journal #174 featured a Bill Willingham caricature of Sim on one of the covers, bearing the title “Dave Sim: Misogynist Guru of Self-Publishers”

In Dave’s own words “I think the question boils down to: I’m not a feminist but I don’t believe that that makes me a misogynist. I think women should be treated equally but I don’t think men and women are equal. I think men are men and they’re good at that and women are women and they’re good at that. I don’t think men make good women and I don’t think women make good men. There are, no question, very feminine men and very masculine women, but it’s such a small percentage of the population that I don’t think it materially affects the central reality.

I think too many women, as an example, get away with murdering their children. I think anyone — man or woman — who murders a child should be treated equally. To me, that’s justice. Why we, as a society, don’t treat male and female child murderers the same is beyond me. Same as I have no problems with female cops and female soldiers as long as they can do the same job a man can do: lift the same weight, hit the same high standards. Otherwise you’re just giving a job that a really competent man could to a less competent person. That’s not treating people equally. Set the standards, stick with them and whoever can hit the highest standard gets the job. I don’t see how you can call that misogyny. I don’t hate women who take jobs away from men who are better suited. I just think the best person should get the job. What’s hate got to do with that/ I don’t hate women who get away with murdering their kids. But I don’t think they should get away with murdering their kids BECAUSE they’re women. What’s hate got to do with that?

What does misogyny mean? Here’s a link to the definition.

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